Cummings Cove Gets High Tech Golf Carts

At Cummings Cove, a new fleet of golf carts equipped with “Visage” has put the “go” in golf with a combination of cellular, wireless and global positioning technology. Cummings Cove is one of only a few clubs open to public play in Western North Carolina to provide this advanced equipment in its battery-powered golf carts. Club Car and GPS Industries of Sarasota, Florida, have joined forces to produce a game-changing experience. The notebook-size electronic device mounted in the golf cart features intuitive touch-screen technology. The user-friendly system shows each player’s positioning in real time. By touching the screen, the player can see: a 3D fly-over of each hole, tee shot and distance-to-pin measurement and hole descriptions that eliminate blind spots. An electronic scorecard simplifies scorekeeping and provides for emailing—if it’s a game you want to remember.


The “Visage” system has many automatic safety features and conveniences. It can stop the cart to prevent a loss of control on a steep hill. There is a two-way communication system between the golf shop and each cart so that the golf shop can advise golfers of an approaching storm or other emergency announcements. Ordering lunch is easier than a fast food drive-through window. When the cart reaches the 8th hole, a menu pops up on the screen so that golfers can order their lunch and have it ready to pick up at the 9th hole.

Hendersonville resident and occasional golfer for over twenty years, Nathan Billingsley said: “I enjoyed the new golf cart very much. The single most important and valuable feature of the Visage system is that you always know exactly how far you are from the pin. Instead of looking for the markers on the cart path or checking sprinkler heads for yardage indicators, you just pull up to your ball and check your distance. That’s very efficient. And strangely enough, my friend and I played 18 holes in less than three hours. Now if you could just add a feature to take 20 strokes off my score, I will be thoroughly impressed.” To book a tee time, call 828-891-9412 or visit

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