July is Summer Bursting at the Seams

July is the month when summer works overtime promoting all sorts of activities. At Cummings Cove, golf is in high gear with numerous tournaments. The Sports Center is focused on pool volleyball and water aerobics, and the mornings are cool enough for a game of tennis. Outside the gates, “Cove Hikers” head to the Blue Ridge Parkway for a cool mountain hike to Sam’s Knob (rated medium). Less strenuous exploring includes a float down the Green River and a visit to one of dozens of local waterfalls. For the less “outdoorsy” folks, the Lunch Bunch  always finds a good place for a gustatory adventure while the book clubs and card clubs exercise the little gray cells. And if none of that works for you, try sitting on a porch rocker at the Social Center for  some zen meditation on the lake and mountain views.

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